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Immortal Technique: If Left Alone Will ISIS Become Like America?

Vlad tv  interviews Hip hop’s revolutionary urban activist emcee Immortal Technique, the two discussed how mainstream media has taken citizens’ awareness of national problems to new levels of distraction. What some people fail to realize, is that issues like police brutality have been going on for over half a century, and now that everyone has smart phones to record incidents, lets not forget this has been going on way before technology could help capture footage of these incidents taking place.

In this clip, Immortal Technique gives us another look at the disturbing realities of America’s society (past and present), advantages that certain citizens have in this day and age, and why in the end, America’s claim of being a “free society” may not be all that accurate. Educate yourself on whats really happening in America.


Immortal Technique: Poor People Steal But The Rich Do Way Worse

Immortal Technique : sits down with Vlad Tv and sends his condolences to the family of Lionel Pickens a rapper known as Chinx Drugz  who was gunned down in queens on may 17th. Immortal also gives his opinion on why people who live in the hood participate in crime. “The reality is that poverty makes people do reckless things, but rich people do way worse to protect the money that they have and to take advantage of things,” Immortal speaks on traveling to other hoods including your own hood, how you might be perceived based on who you are in there eyes can make a difference in your safety.



Nore sits down with Vlad Tv & speaks on the king of hip hop debate. Check out the Lord Jamar & Star interview.

Nore sits down with Vlad Tv for an interview to speak on the debate about Eminem being labeled the king of hip hop, a while back Vlad Tv had this same interview with Lord Jamar & Star which since then the debate has raised a lot of controversy in the industry.

Nore never gives a definitive answer on who he feels is the King of Hip-Hop, but he does feel “Eminem is a King in his own right.

Lord Jamar Laughs at Star Calling Eminem the “King of Hip Hop”