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MultiHop Presents U.K. Rapper Akala

It is safe to say that hip-hop has evolved since DJ Kool Herc a.k.a. Clive Campbell laid the groundwork for what would soon become the outlet for black youth to express their angst at a party in South Bronx in 1973.

Following a rap reconfiguring that took place around 2010 in the States, new school artists like Future and Kendrick Lamar have become the faces of mainstream hip-hop, with some millennials preferring their music to their predecessors including Tupac and NWA.

Purists from the older generation argue that a lack of respect for pioneers like Big Daddy Kane, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five member Keith “Cowboy” Wiggins who paved the way has spawned the mumble rap, a vague subgenre of hip-hop music.

Earlier this year rapper Slaughterhouse MC Joe Budden accused Lil Yachty of ruining the culture and trying to re-write what it meant to be hip-hop with his liberal use of autotune and his portrayal of masculinity.

“I don’t think the divide is generational, I think the divide is about taste,” Akala, real name Kingslee James Daley told IBTimes UK. “This has been a debate as long as hip-hop has existed, in fact any genre. You’ve got the purists or the people that consider themselves purists, and you’ve got the rest.”


Public Enemies: JAY-Z vs. Kanye West’

The rumored feud between JAY-Z and Kanye West is coming to U.K. television. A new documentary titled Public Enemies: JAY-Z vs. Kanye West will highlight the strained relationship between the Watch the Throne duo.

Set to premiere Monday on Channel 4 in the U.K., Public Enemies promises to provide “unseen footage and exclusive interviews.” In addition, the documentary will reveal “the story behind JAY-Z and Kanye West’s spectacular rise, their creative partnership and their colossal falling out.”

A 41-second trailer for Public Enemies was released Wednesday(July 26). The intro features West’s epic diatribe aimed at JAY-Z during his Life of Pablo Tour. “JAY-Z: Call me, bro. You still ain’t called me,” West says in the unforgettable clip. The release of the forthcoming documentary comes at an interesting time, considering tensions between both parties seemingly remain high.


U.K. Rapper Aims To Beat Eminem “Rap God” Record

27-year-old rapper, named Luke “HYBRiD” Settle, is looking to beat the record for the song with the most lyrics in it. That record is currently held by Eminem’s 2013 track “Rap God,” which features a staggering 1,560 words, and lasts six minutes and four seconds. Those numbers put “Rap God” at 4.28 words per second.

Another U.K. rapper, Harry Shotta, put out a song in 2015 with 1,771 words over the course of six minutes and 23 seconds, but Guinness still recognizes Em as the record-holder, which is for Most Words In a Hit Single. (“Hit” being the operative word there, since Em’s track debuted at #7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and well, Shotta’s didn’t)

“Untouchable,” the record HYBRiD plans to record, will last approximately six minutes and will pack in 1,700 words (which, notably, is still fewer than Shotta’s).

“As it stands there are 1,700 lyrics in my song ‘Untouchable’ which should have a run time of six minutes which equals 4.7 words a second,” HYBRiD said while speaking with Spalding Today. “Obviously this could change during the recording process and that could mean that I increase the amount of words rapped per second to even five or more.”

Earlier in the month, HYBRiD shared about a minute’s worth of audio from “Untouchable” via Twitter.

“I’m looking forward to #recording more of this #track over the #weekend With an estimated 1,700 #lyrics to #record I’ll be very busy!,” he tweeted on July 14.