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Watch Killer Mike’s Netflix series “Trigger Warning With Killer Mike”

Netflix show Trigger Warning With Killer Mike, the rapper-turned-public personality goes to extreme lengths to shed light on systemic issues, often leading him to off-the-wall solutions, from creating educational porn to founding a sovereign nation within the US.

I really enjoy the fact that we came to Netflix with a good idea, and they had the faith in us to say, “We’re going to strip this idea all the way down.” It’s going to be Michael Moore-ish, in the way that I am the main character actually engaging the public. And I thought that added a swagger or an “in-your-faceness,” like early In Living Color or Chappelle’s Show. It brought a perspective that people hadn’t thought of, and Netflix allowed us to go in the world and do it.

Info courtesy of  https://www.atlantamagazine.com/news-culture-articles/killer-mike-on-trigger-warning-teaching-with-porn-crip-a-cola-and-why-hes-not-running-for-office/

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