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50 Cent’s “Power” Re-Ups With STARZ

50’s latest remarks symbolize a change in direction from the antagonistic comments he’s made about the network on social media.

In late July, 50 threatened to leave Power for the second time after the show’s creator, Courtney A. Kemp, revealed that some of the storylines for the fourth season had to be cut since STARZ refused to greenlight two extra episodes, despite Kemp’s wishes.

In mid-August, the final three episodes of Power’s fourth season leaked online. 50 later claimed that STARZ believed he had orchestrated the leak before seemingly fessing up it days later.

How much of 50’s antics are just part of his well-known troll persona on social media is still up for debate, but either way, he knows how to stir up interest in the show.

Despite the seemingly hostile relationship between 50 Cent and STARZ, Power continues to be a hit with audiences across the country. Earlier this year it was revealed that Power was second only to HBO’s flagship show Game of Thrones in terms of premium cable show ratings. The premiere episode of Power’s third season racked up 2.26 million viewers — the highest ever for the STARZ network.