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“Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues” Cover Art, Tracklist & Release Date Revealed

Fans will be reminded that Wu-Tang’s forever next month. RZA announced an October 13 release for the groundbreaking group’s new compilation album, Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues, which he recently called a “masterpiece.”

The official cover art and tracklist were also unveiled, giving Hip Hop heads a clearer picture of what to expect on the LP. The project is another compilation LP in the same vein as 2009’sChamber Music and 2011’s Legendary Weapons.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 6.38.53 PM

1. Wu-Tang the Saga Continues Intro f. RZA
2. Lesson Learn’d f. Inspectah Deck and Redman
3. Fast and Furious f. Hue Hef and Raekwon
4. Famous Fighters (Skit)
5. If Time is Money (Fly Navigation) f. Method Man
6. Frozen f. Method Man, Killah Priest and Chris Rivers
7. Berto and the Fiend”(Skit) f. Ghostface Killah
8. Pearl Harbor f. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, RZA and Sean Price
9. People Say f. Wu-Tang Clan and Redman
10. Family (Skit)
11. Why Why Why f. RZA and Swnkah
12. G’d Up f. Method Man, R-Mean and Mzee Jones
13. If What You Say is True f. Wu-Tang Clan and Streetlife
14. Saga (Skit) feat. RZA
15. Hood Go Bang! f. Method Man and Redman
16. My Only One feat. Ghostface Killah, RZA, Cappadonna and Steven Latorre
17. Message
18. The Saga Continues Outro f. RZA

Wu-Tang Teams With Live Nation To Relaunch Wu Wear Brand

Wu-Tang Clan Founders are partnering with Live Nation Merchandise under a new partnership that will see the re-release of the iconic Wu Wear brand of clothing.

Wu-Tang founding members RZA and Oliver “Power” Grant launched the brand back in 1995, turning it into a multimillion dollar business before closing up shop to retailers in 2008.

“Just like Wu-Tang Clan’s Music, Wu Wear Brand has stood the test of time for the primary fact of its uniqueness,” said RZA. “Being a sound and style that’s hip hop in its foundation, it has evolved to be a subculture of its own. The spirit and swag that the brand invokes has been inspirational to multiple generations across a diverse spectrum. Although there have been pirates who’ve sought to imitate the brand, there’s nothing like the real thing and this official relaunch by the founders will be just that – ‘The real Wu Wear/Wu-Tang brand.'”

The new Wu Wear line will feature some of the original designs, and updates that will be overseen by Power, who is been brought in to serve as “Historic Creative Consultant.”

“With the classics of 36 Chambers banging in your ear, it is only right that we bring you back to the basics with classics that you can wear,” said Power. “Wu Wear brings the Wu mantra from your brain to your body, and we’re fully delivering.”

The line will make its debut this week during Agenda in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Select pieces will be available at retail for the 2017 Holiday season, and a full fashion line launching in Spring/Summer 2018 during the Wu-Tang Clan’s 25th Anniversary of the brand and the classic album Enter the 36 Chambers.


MultiHop.TV HighLights Azealia Banks To Star in New RZA Movie “COCO”


Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 1.24.11 AM

Azealia Banks has been cast as the lead character in Coco, an upcoming film directed by Renaissance man and Wu-Tang Clan mastermind RZA.

The film is the story of a female rapper who signs up for a poetry course in college and becomes interested in slam poetry. The Brooklyn-set film – which co-stars Common, Jill Scott and Lorraine Toussaint – has already begun shooting in New York.

“I’m extremely excited and vigorously inspired to be working with Azealia Banks in my new directorial installment,” RZA said in a statement. “Producer Paul Hall and I have assembled a cool and eclectic cast to surround Azealia. Our story, which is set in today’s contemporary youth culture, will bring a new voice to cinema that needs to be heard.”

Check out Azealia Banks new video  – Ice Princess  below:

RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan has launched WUCHESS.com

Capitalizing on the momentum from the hip-hop chess movement, RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan has launched wuchess.com.
The site launched as a kind of online social network for chess players who also like hip-hop music.
The link between chess and hip-hop is a philosophical one, The RZA says. But done well, both music and chess have a mathematical rhythm and flow to them that make them similar, he says. WuChess is “a way to travel the world and spread the whole hip-hop culture, as well as the chess culture with it.