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Hip Hop: The New World Order Documentary

Wanna take a look at hip-hop around the world, with stops in Cuba, London, Paris, Hamburg, and Amsterdam. We got a documentary for that…

The Hip Hop: The New World Order documentary give you a non-stop tour of 8 international cities (Tokyo, Havana, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro & Johannesburg) over a span of 3 years (1998-2000), the project embarks on the groundbreaking mission to unearth the practice and business of Hip Hop culture worldwide.

Hip Hop: The New World Order affirms Hip Hop culture as a powerful vehicle for self-expression by youth around the world, empowering them in the areas of education, economics, politics, entertainment, and new media during the turn of the 21st century.
Produced and Directed by Muhammida El Muhajir.

Check out trailer for Hip Hop: The New World Order documentary: