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Spike Lee has been directing critically-acclaimed films for over 30 years. Last night, he finally won his first competitive Academy Award, for his work adapting the screenplay of “BlacKkKlansman.”

“BlacKkKlansman” recounts the true story of two police detectives who infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. It was nominated for six awards, including Best Directing, Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor. It won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.


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21SAVAGE FREE FROM ICE DETENTION (Still Faces Deportation)

Rapper 21 Savage was released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.  The rapper, whose birth name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, is a citizen of the United Kingdom who entered the United States legally in July 2005 and failed to depart under the terms of a nonimmigrant visa, ICE spokesman Bryan Cox said. His visa expired in July 2006, ICE says.

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Watch Killer Mike’s Netflix series “Trigger Warning With Killer Mike”

Netflix show Trigger Warning With Killer Mike, the rapper-turned-public personality goes to extreme lengths to shed light on systemic issues, often leading him to off-the-wall solutions, from creating educational porn to founding a sovereign nation within the US.

I really enjoy the fact that we came to Netflix with a good idea, and they had the faith in us to say, “We’re going to strip this idea all the way down.” It’s going to be Michael Moore-ish, in the way that I am the main character actually engaging the public. And I thought that added a swagger or an “in-your-faceness,” like early In Living Color or Chappelle’s Show. It brought a perspective that people hadn’t thought of, and Netflix allowed us to go in the world and do it.

Info courtesy of  https://www.atlantamagazine.com/news-culture-articles/killer-mike-on-trigger-warning-teaching-with-porn-crip-a-cola-and-why-hes-not-running-for-office/

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Cardi B Makes Grammy History With Best Rap Album

Cardi B has made history as the first female solo artist to win Best Rap Album at the Grammys, for her debut, Invasion of Privacy. Lauryn Hill was the last woman to win the award (over 20 years ago), with the Fugees; Cardi, you’ll recall, was also the first female rapper to have a No. 1 song since Lauryn Hill, bringing the torch-passing full circle.

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African Man’s smart glove creation converts sign language movements into audio speech in real time.

Software engineer and Intel programme manager Roy Allela is the founder and lead engineer for Sign-IO, a glove that translates sign language to speech. The aim is to assist individuals with a speech impairment (deaf or mute) to communicate with the general public.

Allela invented Sign-IO as a way for himself and others who cannot sign to communicate with the deaf – in Allela’s case, with his deaf niece. The glove recognises various signed letters and transmits this data to an Android application, where it is then vocalised.

The gloves are a monumental step in bridging the language barrier between the hearing and the speech and hearing impaired. More than 30 million people around the globe have speech impairments and rely on sign language.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 9.43.07 PM


1st prototype



2nd prototype



Most Recent version.