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David Banner: We’re Breeding a Generation of Spineless Zombies

Great interview with David Banner : 

Hip Hop artist David Banner sits down with Vlad Tv and speaks on this generation being lost and lacking back bone. Banner touches on multiple topics about race, the use of the N word, rules to the game, culture, lifestyles, manhood, brainwashing and Hip Hop websites responsibility to step up and promote better a better message to the youth.


Multihop.tv : will always promote positive content and shows that will feature real positive Hip Hop artist from all elements  of the culture, its our responsibility to send the right message to this new generation of kids that may not understand that the Rap game and Hip Hop culture are different.  Hip Hop is a lifestyle and culture of elements that represent : Art, Dance, deejaying, emcees, music, fashion, knowledge,  and Rap is just commercial music that the majority of the time spreads a negative message glorifying selling drugs, violence, gangs, exploiting women, waisting money on fashion and jewelry, cars, liquor, weed, etc …  its time mainstream media and people stop using Hip Hop’s name to describe whats really know as the Rap game.

Salute and Respect to David Banner he drops wise words in this interview. 


Immortal Technique Addresses Growing Feminine Trend in Hip Hop

Revolutionary Hip Hop legend Immortal Technique shares his views about the trends & feminine issues in the rap game, choices & issues in the industry.

Speaking exclusively to VladTV, rapper and social activist Immortal Technique speaks intensely about the growing trend of rappers and artists diving into avant-garde or women’s styles of clothing.