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Madonna Files Emergency Court Order To Block Sale Of Tupac Letter

The “Like A Virgin” star filed an emergency court order today in order to block the sale of the letter, which she says was stolen from her. Other items, including a pair of her used panties, are also in the mix to be sold and Madonna was unaware that those things weren’t in her possession. She thinks that a former friend had betrayed her and taken some of her belongings.

‘Pac had written a very revealing letter to Madonna about why they couldn’t continue to see each other, with race being a part of the issue.


MultiHop Highlights Jay-Z To Bring Out Beanie Sigel In Tidal Concert

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.03.04 AM

Jay Z is pushing TIDAL to the masses in a crazy way. The mogul announced that he would be perfoming his B-side catalog at his upcoming concert in New York on May 13th to promote his TIDAL music streaming service.

Rumor has it that Beanie Sigel and some of the Philly crew are going to make an appearance at the weekend shows.

Below is a list of a few B-side songs MultiHop.TV would like to here Jay-Z perform at the upcoming Tidal Concert:

“A Star Is Born” (Featuring J. Cole)

“Real As It Gets” (Featuring Young Jeezy)

“Ignorant Sh-t” (Featuring Beanie Sigel)


“Meet The Parents”

“So Ghetto”

“Where I’m From”

“Cashmere Thoughts”

“Friend Or Foe”