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Hip Hop International ‘s 2017 – DANCE COMPETITION

The World Hip Hop Dance Championship is an international hip-hop dance competition created in 2002 by Hip Hop International. Countries that have participated in the past are Dominican Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Chile, Italy, Mexico, France, Japan, Switzerland, Morocco, Philippines, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, India, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Poland, Uruguay, Thailand and the United States of America. There are four sections of competition: hip-hop for adult, varsity (ages 12–17), and junior (ages 7–12) crews, popping for solo dancers, locking for solo dancers, and breaking for adult crews.

In August 2015, new countries, Gabon, Panama and South Korea, Kenya, among others, participated for the first time, joining a record 3000 contestants from 50 countries.[1] South Korea’s, Lock ‘N LOL won gold in the mega crew division.[1]




OFFICIAL WEBSITE – http://shiro.bj46.com



BIO – Shiro is a female graffiti artist from Japan.
She is inspired by the strength and creativity of old-school hiphop. She also works as a nurse and  the experiences from medical field changed her perspective in life and she express her message thorough her artwork:
“Love life and live it to the max! We exists RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!”

Zulu Nation Japan
GCS (Graff Can Sorcery)
SUG (Stick Up Girlz)

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Jorge “Popmaster Fabel” Pabon is a 50-year-old choreographer ( a leader of Rock Steady Crew), documentary filmmaker and teacher at NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing has been dancing for decades.

So Fabel is an ambassador of Hip-Hop traveling the world to promote hip-hop and teach young people the roots of a cultural language that he says has been co-opted and corrupted by the music industry.

In Hong Kong, Fabel is a guest instructor at the School of Hip-Hop, a nonprofit organization that is part of the Hong Kong social work group Youth Outreach. The group began offering 24-hour counseling and shelter to runaways and at-risk youth in Hong Kong in 1991, and since 2002 has made hip-hop a pillar of its mission to engage thousands of otherwise disaffected young people with a constructive outlet for their energy.

The Youth Outreach center, a building more than 30 years old that’s adorned with colorful graffiti by students and guest artists. Fabel offers tips on footwork and balance even as he shares details of the origins of the routines. “This is a dance I created with Mr. Wiggles,” he says, referring to a Rock Steady colleague known for his popping prowess.

Dance is the most popular aspect of the program, says Chacha Kong, the School of Hip-Hop’s senior instructor, but DJing, MCing and graffiti have their places as well. It isn’t lost on the group that the dynamic in the U.S. that prompted the development in hip-hop applies to young people elsewhere, decades later.

“Young people like hip-hop not just because it is ‘fashionable’ or ‘cool’ but because it encapsulates many disparate, deeper meanings,” writes Chan Ka Ling, Youth Outreach senior supervisor, in a monograph about the social group’s work. “Subscribing to and promoting hip-hop culture implies challenging the status quo of the mainstream culture because it is precisely this mainstream culture which created this alienation in the first place.”

Fabel, who has previously been to Japan, Taiwan and mainland China, along with many other stops around the world, says the magnitude of hip-hop’s global spread from its humble origins rarely registers with him. He just keeps bouncing, from one place to another, wherever his dancing takes him.

“The music is always the truth,” he tells his students. “Don’t go ahead of it, don’t go behind it, stay in the pocket.”

info courtesy of www.wsj.com

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MultiHop.TV HighLights 14 Rappers From 14 Different Countries – “Hip Hop for the World” Music Video

#HIPHOPISHIPHOP is a Hip Hop version of “We Are The World” charity single. 14 rappers from 14 different countries express their love for Hip Hop in their own languages and styles. All profits will be donated for children’s education through UNICEF.

Alongside San E is U.S. MC/producer KRS-One, who’s earned a trio of entries on the Billboard Hot 100 and hit rap albums since the ’90s, plus acclaimed Finland rapper Redrama, Bosnia’s Frenkie, Bangladesh’s SadmAnn, Egypt’s Deeb, India’s Adx, Indonesia’s Yacko, Italy’s Strike the Head, Japan’s Julian Nagano, Portugal’s Valete, Singapore’s Pendekar, Taiwan’s Mr. Skin and Wales’ Mr Phormula.

Info Courtesy of http://www.billboard.com

MultiHop HighLights the 1st Bi-Racial Miss Universe Japan


Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 3.28.07 AM

Ariana Miyamoto was recently crowned as Japan Miss Universe. The 21-year-old is the first mixed-race woman to win the Miss Universe Japan competition. Ariana Miyamoto entered the Miss Universe Japan beauty contest after a mixed-race friend committed suicide.

“I didn’t feel any added pressure because the reason I took part in the pageant was my friend’s death. My goal was to raise awareness of racial discrimination,” added Miyamoto, who was bullied as a schoolgirl growing up in the port town of Sasebo, near Nagasaki.

Born in Japan to a Japanese mother and African American father, Miyamoto is a Japanese citizen, grew up in Japan, and identifies as Japanese. Described in local media as a “saishoku kenbi,” a woman blessed with both intelligence and beauty, she holds a 5th degree mastery of Japanese calligraphy.



Salome MC is a female rap artist from Iran.She is known for being Iran’s first female rapper, and today is one of very few.

Even though the topics expressed in her lyrics are a mixture of politics, social issues and personal matters, she defines herself as “apolitical” and her poetry being about “whatever occupies her mind.”

Salome MC believes Hip-Hop can be a tool for empowerment, saying “it can be used to make people aware of their rights and their position, realize their own potential and at the end, empowerment, yes. But I am not one to speak big. I think change comes slowly and locally, so instead of talking big and throw slogans, I prefer to metaphorize my own experiences and hope that I inspire a person or two.

She believes in freedom in art, and claims she would still be an underground artist even if the government in Iran would allow hip-hop music openly, as labels “create the image of limitations on the horizon.” Answering a question about whether she feels that if the government of Iran lifts the ban of hip hop that the artists will be less political, she said: “I think those who have social consciousness will keep doing what they are doing, and those who abused socio/political issues just to get attention will find a different way of self-promoting.”

After receiving Japan’s MEXT academic scholarship in 2010, she moved to Japan to further study in the field of audio/visual arts, “deepening her knowledge of music in search for new ways of expression that would reflect her new life style: being away from urban life and living closer to nature.” Right now in addition to continuing her hip-hop music, she tries to create a connection beyond language with a broader audience, incorporating sound, photo and/or video in form of installations, and had different screenings, shows and performances around the world.

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Tokyo Tribe, the live-action adaptation of a controversial manga that combines American-style hip-hop culture with an ultra-violent gangland setting reminiscent of The Warriors. 

The original manga, created by Santa Inoue, takes place in an alternate-universe Tokyo of the mid-1990s where youth gangs fight for control of territories using guns, martial-arts and freestyle rap skills. Though set in Japan, many characters and designs are inspired by American hip-hop styles and reimagined actual rap stars.

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