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J. Cole Asks Fans To Boycott NFL In Support Of Colin Kaepernick & Protesting Players

J. Cole has called for a boycott of the NFL in a lengthy Twitter thread posted Sunday afternoon. Following President Donald Trump’s criticism of Colin Kaepernick and many other players’ decision to kneel during the national anthem in protest of America’s oppression of black people, Cole has decided to speak out. “God bless every player that finds courage to kneel today. But the real power comes from you deciding to not watch,” he wrote. “Your eyes translate to advertising money for the League and it’s owners. Same ones who speak out against Trump today, are the same ones that denied a qualified man a job because he took a stand against injustice. You and me have the power to deny them our attention ($$ to them) until they make a wrong situation right.”

Cole went on to suggest that if tuning out doesn’t work, taking aim at the NFL’s sponsors could be a good alternative. “If a boycott doesn’t force them to action, don’t even trip. This is where the real flex happens,” he said. “Black people spend a lot of money with NFL corporate sponsors. White people who don’t fuck with white supremacy spend a lot of money too. So, next you turn your attention to these sponsors. Pick one of the biggest ones and say, do you agree with black balling players when they speak out against oppression?’ ‘If not, why are you spending all this money with a League that clearly condones that? You know what, I don’t think I can spend my money with you no more until you fix this.’ Repeat this with another company, and another.”

Common and J. Cole Will Take Over Capitol Mall And Protest In Sacramento Next Week

Common and J. Cole are working together to take over Capitol Mall in Sacramento, where they will host a community concert and advocate for justice reform.

The rappers will preside over the Imagine Justice concert, which will include appearances frm Goapele, Van Jones and others.

The concert, which is free and open to people of all ages, is aimed at sparking dialogue around many issues impacting today’s society, while spreading a message of “hope, justice, change and love.”


MULTIHOP.TV HIGHLIGHTS J. Cole Collaborates with Bally on Fall Collection

J. Cole has collaborated with Swiss luxury brand Bally for its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. The limited-edition designs include hiking boots, priced at $695 to $1,995, and backpacks, which retail for $1,250 to $2,795.

“As I’m getting older, I’m learning more about what my true style actually is,” says Cole. “Becoming more confident in what I like. And I love simplicity and comfort. Comfort is king. I feel at home in a pair of comfortable boots, and I always have a backpack with me. I keep my life in my backpack. Current books I’m reading, my notebook with all my rhymes written inside and my laptop that holds all the music I’m working on.”


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J. Cole Mourns Michael Brown in Somber New Song ‘Be Free’

“I’m tired of being desensitized to the murder of black men,” rapper J. Cole said in a statement with the release of his new song “Be Free.” “I don’t give a fuck if it’s by police or peers. This shit is not normal.”
“That coulda been me, easily,” rapper writes. “It could have been my best friend”.

“Be Free” is Cole’s response to the police shooting of an unarmed African-American teenager, Michael Brown, in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri.

check song out here: