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South African Hip-Hop Artists Nomuzi Mabena & Shane Eagle

America has its own issues with racial inequality, unjustified racially-charged shootings threatening our people, gentrification popping up in the hood, and overall repression of Black and brown culture.

South Africa has had similar issues of segregation throughout their history.

The Apartheid regime only ended around 1991, leaving the entire country slowly re-building its way out of this period.

From the ashes, there’s a bright side: A new wave of South African hip-hop artists are emerging into the spotlight, and they have a lot to say.

Eagle’s raps are a comfortable flow of precision, often talking about his experiences during his come up, the inequality of the world we live in, and the people living in it.

Fashionable Moozlie, real name Nomuzi Mabena, is new to the world of music, but there’s no doubt the girl’s got rhythm.

On October 13, Moozie dropped Versus, an 11-track mixtape showcasing her growth, image, and the direction she is heading with her music.

Moozlie has worked with other South African names like Gemini Major, Victoria Kimani, and Yung Swiss. She’s had her fair share of social media backlash, but continues to soldier on with her music and image.

Hopefully we see the talent continue to rise to fame as Moozlie drops more hot pieces like “Ride or Die.”


Sean “Diddy” Combs Has “New Dream” To Buy NFL

In light of the controversy surrounding former San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick’s non-existent NFL career, the ongoing National Anthem protests and the recent two-week suspension of outspoken ESPN anchor Jemele Hill for violating a social media policy, it appears Sean “Diddy” Combs has an idea to smooth things over.

On Tuesday (October 10), the rap mogul made one simple request via Twitter: “SELL ME THE NFL NOW!!!!”

The demand followed Diddy’s retweet of political commentator Keith Boykin’s post that read, “Black players are 70% of the NFL. We have the power to defend Colin Kaepernick and Jemele Hill from the forces that would silence them.”

The artist formerly known as Puff Daddy also mentioned owning his own NFL team used to be a “dream” of his, but now he’d rather own “our” own league.

Fabolous Announces “Summertime Shootout 3″ Mixtape

It appears Fabolous plans to close out the summer in a big way. The veteran MC hyped up a new track with Chris Brown and Velous on Instagram, but also quietly announced the third edition of his Summertime Shootout series.

“cooked up something with @Velous & @ChrisBrownOfficial…. #FLIPMODE,” he wrote on Wednesday (August 30). “Dropping EVERYWHERE on Friday. #SummertimeShootout3OnTheWay.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 2.07.41 PM

Watch Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco “Made in the USA” Video

Lupe Fiasco has always been outspoken about the issues and social injustices in this country, and his new video paints a strong picture of his views. The Chicago rapper releases the visuals for his “Made in the USA” record, which talks about the toxic events and views that the youth have to absorb daily.

The video from the “Jump” MC depicts some powerful imagery on an older television set, which is being watched by a small baby. The small child cries as he soaks up some of the scenes from moments in history, as Lupe raps his verses on the set. There’s even a moment where the little boy crawls over to a gun on the ground and holds it after seeing it also being shown on the television screen.

The Streetrunner-produced song, which originally dropped last November, speaks on a lot of different topics that are affecting the U.S. today, including guns, drugs, hip-hop and more.

While fans are still hoping for the three albums they were previously promised from Lupe, who revealed they wouldn’t be dropping last year due to clearance issues, he’s tiding them over with these new visuals.

Watch the music video for Lupe’s “Made In the USA” record below to see what the youth are absorbing in this country.


Prodigy Mural Defaced A Second Time

The massive mural street artists Jeff Henriquez and Eli “Eli Eos” Lazare painted in honor of the late Mobb Deep MC Prodigy was destroyed by vandals over the weekend, just hours after it was unveiled. Henriquez and Lazare worked diligently to repair it and after 15 hours of work, revealed the finished product (again). But it didn’t last.

The mural, which is located on 13th Street and 40th Avenue in New York City, has been defaced once again, this time with a giant splash of red paint littered across the Queensbridge Hip Hop legend’s face and right arm.



Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 2.10.50 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-10 at 2.10.08 PMhttp://hiphopdx.com/news/id.43995/title.prodigy-mural-defaced-within-hours-of-completion

Prodigy Was Reportedly Working On A Jail Cookbook & A Musical About The Illuminati Before His Death

“Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body,” rapped Prodigy on the 1995 LL Cool J song “I Shot Ya (Remix).”

After the news broke of Prodigy’s passing, Kathy Iandoli – the co-author of the emcee’s Commissary Kitchen spoke to Complex about what the Queens native was working on next.

“The one thing we were planning on doing was a musical about the Illuminati and how the obsession with the Illuminati infiltrated people’s opinions of Hip Hop,” said Iandoli.

She added, “We were initially going to do an interactive type of musical with a company that runs The Illuminati Ball, but then we decided to take our idea to an off-Broadway situation. Tell a story with a very specific beginning, middle, and end. But [the story] began with prison; it was semi-autobiographical.”

Former Zulu Nation Minister Of Information Grandmaster T.C. Izlam Killed In Atlanta

T.C. Izlam, who coined the “Hip-Step” subset of Hip Hop, was considered a “little brother” to countless pioneers of the culture, including Kurtis Blow, Grand Mixer DXT, Kool Kyle and Kevie Kev, who all spoke to HipHopDX together on a conference call. While DJ Kool Red Alertwas present for the phone call with DX, he was unable to gather his thoughts about T.C.’s passing because he was in shock. DXT gathered a few words to share about his late friend.

“T.C. was and is one of the youngsters that came up among us that was a teacher,” DXT told DX. “He was a well-educated young man and his ambitions to lead and teach were profound. We don’t know what the circumstances are and were, but we know our brother is gonna be missed by the community. He had a wealth of knowledge through his research and studying to share, as far as in the community of uplifting people to move in a more positive direction despite organized and systemic dissemination of destructive behavior in our community.

All Eyez On Me In Theaters June 16 – BTW…The June 16th Date Is Tupac’s Earthday.

Codeblack Films, a Lionsgate company is releasing the most anticipated film of the summer! ALL EYEZ ON ME, the untold story of Tupac Shakur hits theaters on June 16.

The gripping tale takes audiences from Tupac’s humble beginnings to the untimely end of arguably the most influential rapper of all time.

ALL EYEZ ON ME is packed with Hollywood heavyweights both in front of and behind the camera; Benny Boom directs this biopic starring Kat Graham as Jada Pinkett Smith, Danai Gurira (Walking Dead) as Afeni Shakur and introducing Demetrius Shipp, Jr.  in the breakout performance as the icon himself.

Pre-order your tickets now: http://tickets.alleyez.movie/?


Following Lower Than Expected Sales For ‘Teenage Emotions’ Lil Yachty Posts Letter To His Fans

Message to all my fans. I just want to thank you for giving me your all. Supporting me and backing me up when I’m not around but am always in spirit. I didn’t make this 21 project for the old reviews and bloggers. I made it for real Lil yachty fans who have been dying for new music from me… that’s why I put so many songs.. that’s why it’s mostly just me. Because it’s from me to you. I understand first week numbers didn’t do what most people expected but that’s only because they don’t understand me. They don’t understand us. I don’t expect anybody to. I make it for those who listen. I feel like my brand is so big and blew up so big, it blew up bigger than my actual music. Which isn’t the worst situation it could be worse all I have to is make it to where my brand hype and music hype equal out.. I am back in the studio. Working on my next ep. I know what you guys (my fans) liked about the project and didn’t like.. I’m putting that into consideration. It is now time to focus on my tour. Teenage Tour. Which is going to be fucking lit. A fucking experience to the young youth ready to lose there minds!!!!!!!! With this being my last few months of being a teenager I am just living with no regrets having fun and enjoying life. And that’s what I did with this album. I’m glad I made it and I personally love it. Think it’s awesome. I need to see everybody at the local date on the teenage tour singing there heart out. I need to meet y’all at the meeting greets and I need to know y’all’ favorite song and why. Videos coming soon. To my fans. I appreciate you for riding this journey with me. I love you guys always and forever. Fuck the outsiders.. do you. See you on tour. ⛵️