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MULTIHOP.TV’s “HOOD HEALTH” is a web series dedicated to promoting Healthy Lifestyles Within Inner City Communities. This segment features Jadakiss of The Lox / D Block & Giant of the Bartendaz. Edited & Shot by SidLocks Mehu. #Jadakiss #Bartendaz #Giant #SidLocks #DBlock #MultiHop

MultiHop.TV HighLights Joell Ortiz’s New Healthy Lifestyle


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Despite the preventable deaths of emcees such as DJ Screw and Big Pun, living a healthy lifestyle has long been one of Hip Hop’s taboo topics for some. Conventional thinking holds that we would rather have our favorite emcees healthy so they are around longer. Granted this isn’t new territory, as artists such as 50 Cent, dead prez and others have released products to help incorporate their own healthy lifestyles with their musical careers and business interests.

50 Cent has the Formula 50 book. Stic.man of Dead Prez has RBG Fit Club, and Lil Cease has Hardbody Fitness.

Joell Ortiz  speaks on the “Hip Hop Health Movement” in his upcoming album, and details his lifestyle changes, how it affects his music and why you should opt for fruits and veggies instead of Newports during your next bodega visit.

“I was living what you call the rock star life—nightlife heavy, and diners at 5:00 or 6:00 am,” Joell explained. “I was eating cheeseburger deluxes and things of that nature and just not taking care of myself. I learned a lot about weight loss, what weighs and what doesn’t. Muscle is heavy. At first, I took off like 50 to 60 pounds, scale-wise. When you are training and changing your body, you lose everything fast, because your body is reacting. It’s like, “Oh man, I guess this guy wants me to shred,” so it’s eating up fat. As soon as you start weight training, you put on weight because of muscle mass, but you look the same as you did when you took that drastic weight off. I look exactly how I did 20 pounds ago, but it’s in muscle definition and muscle weight. Initially, I took off like 50 to 60 pounds, but now I may only be 30 pounds from where I started, but I look like a different person.”

Check out the link to “Hood Health” series.

Joell Ortiz info courtesy of DX Hip Hop.