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Salome MC is a female rap artist from Iran.She is known for being Iran’s first female rapper, and today is one of very few.

Even though the topics expressed in her lyrics are a mixture of politics, social issues and personal matters, she defines herself as “apolitical” and her poetry being about “whatever occupies her mind.”

Salome MC believes Hip-Hop can be a tool for empowerment, saying “it can be used to make people aware of their rights and their position, realize their own potential and at the end, empowerment, yes. But I am not one to speak big. I think change comes slowly and locally, so instead of talking big and throw slogans, I prefer to metaphorize my own experiences and hope that I inspire a person or two.

She believes in freedom in art, and claims she would still be an underground artist even if the government in Iran would allow hip-hop music openly, as labels “create the image of limitations on the horizon.” Answering a question about whether she feels that if the government of Iran lifts the ban of hip hop that the artists will be less political, she said: “I think those who have social consciousness will keep doing what they are doing, and those who abused socio/political issues just to get attention will find a different way of self-promoting.”

After receiving Japan’s MEXT academic scholarship in 2010, she moved to Japan to further study in the field of audio/visual arts, “deepening her knowledge of music in search for new ways of expression that would reflect her new life style: being away from urban life and living closer to nature.” Right now in addition to continuing her hip-hop music, she tries to create a connection beyond language with a broader audience, incorporating sound, photo and/or video in form of installations, and had different screenings, shows and performances around the world.

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Rob Base and E-Z Rock both grew up in Harlem, becoming friends in the fourth grade. “Back then, there were other groups and we used to see other people perform,” E-Z Rock told Pennsylvania newspaper The Morning Call in 1991. “I bought a set of turntables and he bought a mic.” 

 Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock released their first single, “DJ Interview,” in 1986, but the 46-year-old Bryce cemented himself with 1988’s iconic track “It Takes Two.” Produced by Teddy Riley, the song blended hip-hop with house music and became a nationwide hit, peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Songs chart. 

E-Z Rock’s cause of death was complications from diabetes.

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