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Big Puns wife Liza Rios wants to know “where the money is” from Big Puns music. Is Fat Joe Robbing Big Pun’s Family? (Part 1 of 2)

Years later questions need to be answered about whether or not Big Puns album sales, profits from this new digital format anything from music streaming to ( I tunes ) + spins on the radio all create money. The question at hand is ” Where is the money ” Did  Big puns family get what they rightfully deserve. Its only right for the sake of Hip Hop & Big puns family that the truth come out so there can be some closure to this matter, which seems to be about money record sales & paper trails. We hope the truth will come out in court so before we jump to conclusions allow the legal process to take place & only time will tell. But what we do know is that Big Pun was a major part of the success of the terror squad.

Christopher Rios — aka “Big Punisher”  His first album Capital Punishment hit No. 1 on the hip-hop/R&B charts and he became the first Latino rapper to go platinum.

Two months after his death, Big Pun’s second album, Yeeah Baby, was released. The record, filled with his trademark tongue-twisting lyrics and Latin cultural references, received warm reviews and quickly rose to No. 3 on the album charts and reached the top of the R&B/hip-hop album charts. The next year, a compilation of his work, Endangered Species, also performed well, serving as a final sendoff for the larger-than-life rapper.

Big Puns son is following in his pops footsteps as a lyrical genius for this next generation of Hip Hop, he is known as Chris Rivers & like father like son Chris Rivers is a unique Mc that has a lot to offer the culture of Hip Hop. Its a blessing to hear Chris spit cause you here Pun in his word play & rhyme style  which is kind of dope.


Liza Rios wants to know “where the money is” in a recent suit against Fat Joe and legendary musician Jellybean Benitez. Liza Rios &  Lita Rosario recently went to court with Fat Joe and his representatives to argue for a new case in which Big Pun’s widow feels there are monies due. 

“where the money is”


Troi Torain aka STAR is the most objective voice in media and is known to push the limits of religion, philosophy and rational thinking. Check out his 2 part series asking the question is Fat Joe robbing Big Puns family ?


PART : 1

PART : 2


Hip Hop fans will never know what the Terror squad could have been had Big Pun not passed away, it seems the future of the rap group, label and budget was left in some 1’s hands.  When Big Pun passed away, the element of greed, money, control of the budget & direction of who’s music will come out destroyed the terror squad. Some hip hop fans say Terror Squad could have been similar to a latin version of a wu tang clan type of group as far as diverse styles of Mc’s such as, Cuban linx , Remy ma , Prospect , Tony sunshine , Triple Seis , Armageddon , Fat joe , Big Pun. The terror squad was a unique crew of Mc’s from the bronx  that can all spit lyrics . Even though Fat Joe was already making albums in hip hop , its clear that his success became much greater when he teamed up with Big Pun & his crew. Which lead to a major label deal & a bigger budget that was spawned off the success of Big Puns 1st album. Some might say the artist in terror squad were not getting equal opportunity to use label money for production & albums, there projects were getting shelved and that lead to a lot of issues amongst the group. Fat Joe has done multiple interviews & has his opinion on these matters, but the mystery will always be why couldn’t things work for the group after Big Pun past away.  Sadly enough this happens in the record industry when 1 person signs the paper work / record deal that 1 person controls the money & budget and usually gains the most profit,  you can look back on groups such as Bad boy, G unit, Death row and  even Wu tang  & Rocafella years later have issues usually about control, money, publishing, profit sharing … etc.

1 Thing is for sure Big Pun loved Cuban link they were like brothers and after Big Puns passing Cuban link & Fat joe has major issues & the terror squad began to divide for multiple reasons.

Check out some videos from Cuban Link touching on the issues * 

Cuban link : letter to Pun 

Cuban link : moment of truth 

Coke Boys rapper Chinx Drugz (born Lionel Pickens) was shot and killed in Queens early this morning (May 17)

Lionel Pickens also known by his rap name Chinx Drugz , Member of French Montana’s Coke Boys, Killed in Drive-By Shooting in queens. Rest in Peace, Power,Paradise ..  King





Queens-born rapper Lionel Pickens was in in his element and had no clue Saturday night would be his last performance.

Roughly an hour after cell phone video was taken of 31-year-old Lionel Pickens someone opened fire, fatally shooting the rapper. The windows on the driver’s side of his Porsche are now riddled with bullet holes. Another person was wounded, and is in critical condition at Jamaica Hospital.

On Sunday night, a constant stream of mourners gathered in Queens to honor him the best way they know – by playing his music.

DJ Babyface spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News. He was one of the last people to see Chinx alive, and said he didn’t have any problems with anybody Saturday night at the club.

“A lot of love from everybody,” he said, “the crowd just gave him the energy – he just kept on and on.”

Pickens left Red Wolf in Brooklyn and dropped a friend at the train on Queens Boulevard. At 4:04 a.m., police say another car drove up, and a gunman opened fire, striking Pickens multiple times.

“As soon as I heard gunshots, I ducked,” says eyewitness Raymond Rivera.

Rivera was up the block where Pickens, though shot, was able to drive his Porsche. Pickens then crashed his Porsche into another parked car.

“When he fell on the ground, he just laid there, he was motionless – he didn’t move, he didn’t scream,” Rivera adds.

Originally from Far Rockaway, Pickens was a member of fellow rapper French Montana’s ‘Coke Boys’.

In a statement, the Legion Media Group said:

“It is with a heavy heart that The Legion Media Group and 4 Kings Management announce the passing of Lionel Pickens this morning. He was 31. Few details are available about his passing but his management confirmed his passing this morning. The rapper from Queens, New York was a member of French Montana’s Coke Boys. (Pickens’) dedication, humor and vision will always be remembered “(Pickens) was one of the most talented, professional, and determined rappers this industry had to offer,” said Publicist Chanel Rae, “Further more, he was a friend.”

An investigation is currently underway into the shooting. So far, police have no motive.






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