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MULTIHOP HIGHLIGHTS Artisto & The Ukrainian Hip Hop Revolution


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Revolution is a long held theme of hip hop music. The world has seen young revolutionaries in Egypt, Tunisia and Senegal using their music to spread a message of revolution against their governments.

Government protestors in Ukraine are using hip hop music to spread their messages and bring people to the cause.

Ukrainian hip hop artist Artisto is one of a new generation of political and social change focused MCs. He created a song called “Revolution Ukraine”.

“It’s not just a song, it has its own life now,” said Artisto. “It has become the center of a movement. It has sparked the creativity of so many people. Right now we build a creative community for a Revolution of the minds in Ukraine.

Check his music video  below…

info courtesy of www.worldmarkethiphop


MultiHop.TV HighLights 14 Rappers From 14 Different Countries – “Hip Hop for the World” Music Video

#HIPHOPISHIPHOP is a Hip Hop version of “We Are The World” charity single. 14 rappers from 14 different countries express their love for Hip Hop in their own languages and styles. All profits will be donated for children’s education through UNICEF.

Alongside San E is U.S. MC/producer KRS-One, who’s earned a trio of entries on the Billboard Hot 100 and hit rap albums since the ’90s, plus acclaimed Finland rapper Redrama, Bosnia’s Frenkie, Bangladesh’s SadmAnn, Egypt’s Deeb, India’s Adx, Indonesia’s Yacko, Italy’s Strike the Head, Japan’s Julian Nagano, Portugal’s Valete, Singapore’s Pendekar, Taiwan’s Mr. Skin and Wales’ Mr Phormula.

Info Courtesy of http://www.billboard.com