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Cam’ron — Cashing in on Ebola with Tricked Out Masks

If you’re looking to stay safe from Ebola in style … Cam’ron has you covered for less than $20.

The rapper’s line of Ebola masks — with his mug plastered across the front — start shipping in a few weeks … and while the price might be right, the science behind it isn’t.

Ebola isn’t an airborne virus — so, the mask is pretty much useless … for now.


Rumors Spread Akon Crowd-Surfs in Giant Bubble To Avoid Contracting Ebola at Concert in Africa

“Akon Performed In A Bubble In Africa To Avoid Contracting Ebola” a headline screamed yesterday, a strange conclusion that was echoed by thousands of people on Twitter. Yes, isolation is employed to help stop the spread of the virus, but in this case Akon wasn’t worried about contracting it at the event, he was merely gleefully bouncing around on the crowd in the giant ball for the thrill of it… Akon has done this Bubble Crowd Surfing many times in other countries before check the link with Akon in Dubai below…