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Hip Hop International ‘s 2017 – DANCE COMPETITION

The World Hip Hop Dance Championship is an international hip-hop dance competition created in 2002 by Hip Hop International. Countries that have participated in the past are Dominican Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Chile, Italy, Mexico, France, Japan, Switzerland, Morocco, Philippines, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, India, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Poland, Uruguay, Thailand and the United States of America. There are four sections of competition: hip-hop for adult, varsity (ages 12–17), and junior (ages 7–12) crews, popping for solo dancers, locking for solo dancers, and breaking for adult crews.

In August 2015, new countries, Gabon, Panama and South Korea, Kenya, among others, participated for the first time, joining a record 3000 contestants from 50 countries.[1] South Korea’s, Lock ‘N LOL won gold in the mega crew division.[1]


MultiHop.TV Highlights Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Swizz Beats & Andre Berto Benefit Concert In Haiti

Boxer Berto and Brown have been friends for a while and Andre — a Haitian American — is passionate about the current crisis between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The six-hour concert is to be held in Port-au-Prince on Friday (June 26) and was, in part, organized by Swizz Beats

Also slated to perform are Haitian acts such as T-Micky, Boukman Eksperyans, Barikad Crew, DRZ and many more. Both Breezy and Lil Wayne will each have a 60-minute set.

FYI — The D.R. is currently cracking down on Haitian migrant workers living in the Dominican, deporting them by the thousands … and the Haitian Prime Minister called it a “humanitarian crisis” because many of those people don’t know where they’re going to live, work, etc.

MultiHop.TV Hightlights Mass Deportations of Haitian immigrants from Dominican Republic

Tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants in the Dominican Republic — the vast majority Haitians.

The fact that the majority of foreigners — documented or not — living in the Dominican Republic are Haitian has led to accusations that there are other racial prejudices involved, too.

The immigration overhaul comes at the same time that Dominicans of Haitian descent are in a fight over their status. A 2013 court ruling stripped the citizenship of Dominicans whose parents were undocumented immigrants. A separate law to address their status is equally controversial.

Human rights groups fear mass deportations.

The regularization law states its purpose is to “provide a window of opportunity” for undocumented workers to contribute without living in the shadows and to reap the benefits of legal protections offered by the government.