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MULTIHOP.TV HIGHLIGHTS Louis Farrakhan Meets Eminem In Detroit

In an effort to continue his Justice or Else campaign, Minister Louis Farrakhan made a stop in the motor city and met up with none other then Marshall Mathers himself Eminem.  The 2 have been talking for over a decade and they finally met for dinner in Detroit.

While in Detroit, Farrakhan spoke at the Fellowship Chapel church and says that he will continue to visit churches all around the country that will lead up to the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

info courtesy of therapfest.com

Spike Lee directs new Eminem music video “Headlights” released on Mother’s Day

Spike Lee announced the music video for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 single “Headlights” will be released on Mother’s Day.

Lee expressed his excitement for what himself and Eminem created back in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit:
“I really love the narrative for what we’ve come up together for “Headlights”. It’s a great story. It’s heartfelt.
Some pain in it. But, that’s life and that’s why we’re here back in 8 Mile Detroit. Shooting where it all took place.”