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MULTIHOP.TV HIGHLIGHTS Dame Dash To Launch His Own Music Streaming Service

Dame Dash has announced that he will be distributing all of the music and movies he has the rights to on his website DameDashStudios.com.

I have devoted my life to providing an authentic experience to pop culture without compromise. Now my music, movies, documentaries and self-help training videos and books will be aggregated at a single, easy to access distribution point going live on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

The service will have two subscription choices: annually ($49.99/year) or monthly ($9.99/month). People who pre-order before September 1st launch get half off their first year.

info courtesy of http://www.therapfest.com

Dame Dash announces movie deal venture with Kanye West

Dame Dash twitted,  ” the thing we don’t do historically and culturally is stick together but we are stopping that now if we stick together we don’t need any middle men from others cultures… We know we can do it on our own…but we are so powerful together…pause and we have our own money..we already made history in music so we can do that for fun so we’re gonna do movies…”

This is like when Spielberg and Geffen got together and did dreamworks…it’s time…me and kanye making movies and my brother Qtip was there to bless the deal.”


Dame notes what is going on in the current Hip Hop industry, is the lack of influential figures “historically and culturally” sticking together. There is too much beef and not enough unity, so hopefully a deal like this can make a positive change.


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Dame Dash & Cam’Ron “Dish” Up Recipes At New Restaurant .

The out-spoken Harlem representatives, Dame Dash and Cam’ron have teamed again to open a new Mediterranean restaurant in Brooklyn called “Dish.”
The restaurant will be located on 65 Washington St. (DUMBO) Brooklyn, New York.

“Always excited about new biz… I don’t expect it to be easy… probably a cash flow problem here and there but I love the fight…it’s the life I choose… I love the challenge #dishcomingsoon.” Dame says via Instagram.