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Chance The Rapper attended a Chicago City Council meeting in order to criticize the development of a $95 million police academy in the city’s Garfield Park. The Midwest native reportedly attended the meeting at City Hall alongside a slew of activists from the VOYCE Project, For the People, Assata’s Daughters and more.

During his speech, Chance encouraged Mayor Rahm Emanuel and political leaders of the city to consider other solutions to “transform the city without policing.”

Mayor Emanuel reportedly walked out of the room just before Chance’s speech, questioning why there is money to build the academy, but none for the public schools that are at risk of getting shut down.

“I guess the mayor had to step out when I walked in… but it’s fine,” Chance says while speaking to aldermen. “I’ll just speak to you: what are you doing? I’ve been asking for money for school for years and now you have $95 [million] for a cop academy?” He continued, “I’ve been asking for money for over a year now to fund these classrooms and, on the 4th of July weekend, they announced in like a cool financing way that . . . they’re proposing to build a $95 million cop academy.”

The meeting with the Chicago City Council over the public safety training academy comes after a review of the Department of Justice found that the police department in Chi-Town has been “responsible for the use of excessive and deadly force against people who pose no threat, use of force in health crises, exhibit racially discriminatory behavior, having officers with no accountability and who are poorly trained.” The new proposed academy would reportedly give authorities the chance to “receive specialized, scenario-based training, get hands-on practice in real-world situations and improve collaboration in emergency response.”

Following his speech at the meeting, Chance not only took photos with those that he hoped would help push his cause, but he also retweeted many statements about the police academy and the issues stemming from its potential development.

Chance The Rapper Will Star In Upcoming Horror Movie “Slice”

Chance The Rapper is set to hit the big screen in the upcoming movie Slice. 

Remember that game you played on the computer when you were a kid, and you had to keep the BMX rider from falling between the cracks by hitting your space bar everytime he needed to jump? Well the new trailer that sees Chance, alongside Atlanta‘s Zazie Beetz and comedian Paul Scheer, mocks that game entirely.

In just over one-minute we see a little stick figure on a mo-ped dodging holes and cracks in his path as different clips from the film appear in a variety of shapes. Indiewire reports the genre will fall under horror film, and by the looks of the clip, it appears to be true. The trailer ends with a release date in 2018 and will be directed by Austin Vesely. Watch the trailer below.

The “Cocoa Butter Kisses” rapper is no newbie to the film world. Chance starred in a VICE film titled Mr. Happy that revolved around a 23-year-old who was depressed and wanted to end his life but multihopsid777

multihopopted for an online service to do it for him.

In music news, the 24-year-old is set to host the November 18th taping of Saturday Night Live. He’ll be leading the episode as Eminem takes the stage for a live performance. Maybe Chance will also throw in a little song and dance, as fans are seemingly curious what was cookin’ in a recent studio sesh that saw the young rapper bouncing to a beat with Childish GambinoQuavo and Little Yachty in the same room.

In another Instagram post by 2 Chainz, we saw the duo locked to a computer screen, clearly working on something. With all the artists that Chance has been surrounding himself with, not to mention his recent lunch with his “mentors”Kanye West and Dave Chapelle, some new beats are bound to arise soon and surely they will be fire.

New “Soft Ass Rappers” Hip-Hop Pillows

Sleeping with your favorite rapper just got a little easier, thanks to this unique and somewhat bizarre brand of hip-hop inspired pillows. A company with the hilarious name of “Soft Ass Rappers” has come up with a custom series of hip-hop themed pillows, each of which boast the face of one of the game’s best and brightest. For $75 dollars, you can get your hands on one of ten pillows, featuring the likenesses of Drake, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, A$AP Rocky, Young ThugGucci ManeFrank Ocean and Rihanna. With the exception of the Drizzy edition, which features a rendition of the infamous “Crying Drake” meme, each pillow is designed to copy the artist’s signature facial expression.

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Chance The Rapper is breaking new barriers. The Chicago MC recently made his debut on Billboard’s Rock Airplay chart, after his collab with Francis and the Lights, “May I Have This Dance,” premiered on the ranking this week.

The song landed at No. 48 on the chart, according to Billboard. The original version of the track was first released on the group’s 2016 project, Farewell, Starlite!. But the single received a bump in its stock earlier this year when Chano was added to the remix and featured in the music video.

This isn’t the first time the two have linked up. Francis appeared on the track, “Summer Friends,” off Chance’s most recent offering, Coloring Book.

Barack Obama Honors Chance The Rapper During Free Chicago Concert

The relationship between Chance The Rapper and Barack Obama is well documented. Chance’s father once worked with the former president, and Michelle Obama praised Chano for donating $1 million to the Chicago Public Schools.

Barack Obama joined his wife in publicly honoring the Chicago rhymer. The 44th POTUS delivered a video message at Chance’s free concert in his hometown on Saturday.

“Chance, I am grateful for everything you’ve done on behalf of our young people back home,” said Obama.

He added, “I’m hopeful that everyone who is at the concert today, everyone who is getting involved, everybody who has been part of the parade, all of you are in the mindset that you can do anything that you want to do as long as you put your mind to it.”

Chance The Rapper To Donate “Best Rap Album” Grammy To Chicago Museum

The DuSable Museum of African American History will be receiving Chance’s “Best Rap Album” Grammy to display for fans. It’s the first Grammy ever awarded to an independent black artist, a piece of important history.

Chance, alongside his father was named to the board of trustees for the museum back in January. According to the Chicago-Sun Times he announced the decision at the Night Of 100 Stars gala which was hosted at the museum this past Saturday, saying “I’m so excited to not just work hand in hand with the African American History Museum, but we want to build it up. We want to make it a staple of African American history. And that’s why I’m proud to announce that I’ll be donating my Hip-Hop Album of the Year Award, the first one to a black independent artist, to the DuSable.”

Hats off to Chano.