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African Man’s smart glove creation converts sign language movements into audio speech in real time.

Software engineer and Intel programme manager Roy Allela is the founder and lead engineer for Sign-IO, a glove that translates sign language to speech. The aim is to assist individuals with a speech impairment (deaf or mute) to communicate with the general public.

Allela invented Sign-IO as a way for himself and others who cannot sign to communicate with the deaf – in Allela’s case, with his deaf niece. The glove recognises various signed letters and transmits this data to an Android application, where it is then vocalised.

The gloves are a monumental step in bridging the language barrier between the hearing and the speech and hearing impaired. More than 30 million people around the globe have speech impairments and rely on sign language.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 9.43.07 PM


1st prototype



2nd prototype



Most Recent version.

Akon Launches Solar Academy That Will Supply Electricity to 600,000,000 People in Africa

Akon : Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer

Is launching Akon Lighting Africa, that will provide sustainable living options to people in African countries. He aims to supply electricity to 600 million people in Africa who lack it with the launch of the Solar Academy, it will help engineers develop skills that will enable them to produce solar power & teach people how to maintain solar-powered electricity systems & microgrids. The academy will also create jobs & they expect africans to graduate from the center to devise new innovative technical solutions.  





Rumors Spread Akon Crowd-Surfs in Giant Bubble To Avoid Contracting Ebola at Concert in Africa

“Akon Performed In A Bubble In Africa To Avoid Contracting Ebola” a headline screamed yesterday, a strange conclusion that was echoed by thousands of people on Twitter. Yes, isolation is employed to help stop the spread of the virus, but in this case Akon wasn’t worried about contracting it at the event, he was merely gleefully bouncing around on the crowd in the giant ball for the thrill of it… Akon has done this Bubble Crowd Surfing many times in other countries before check the link with Akon in Dubai below…

Capetown Fashion Week Unveils ‘HipHop’ Clothing Line

Contrary to the brand name, Hip-Hop didn’t have models strutting in snapback hats and grills, rather than that, the show saw elegant, floor length numbers in tones of metallic green, wine, grey and blue. The designer went luxe on us and threw in fabrics like velvet, raw silk and sheer.

Cheryl Arthur and Kathy Page Wood started Hip Hop Clothing from a small basement store off Greenmarket Square in Cape Town.

Today the company employs over 100 people, has 5 stand alone Hip Hop stores, and 12 Hip Hop departments within Stuttafords stores. They compile twelve to fourteen design collections a year and manufacture more than 5000 units a month.


check link to see the entire Hip Hop spring line here


Assalamalekoum Hip Hop Festival 2014 in Africa

Artists from Tunisia, Senegal, France, Guinea Conakry, Switzerland, and Denmark are taking part in the popular Mauritanian event, which aims at promoting awareness of Hip Hop culture in Africa and worldwide.

The festival is organized by ZAZA productions, a cultural organization created in 2005 by Limam Kane, better known as the rapper “Monza”. Monza founded the festival when he realized that there were a lot of talented hip hop artists who did not have the platforms or resources to express their art.

The hip hop music industry has historically been under-developed in Mauritania. In response, the Assalamalekoum Festival is a pioneer that is increasing the visibility of Hip Hop culture in Africa.

This year, over 40,000 people watched 32 artists from France, Denmark Namibia, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Conakry, Morocco, Tunisia, and Senegal, performed during broadcasts of the football World Cup.

Check out footage from the 2013 Assalamalekoum Hip Hop Festival