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LOCATION – Washington, DC

PROFESSION – Tap Dancer / Choreographer

BRIEF BIO– Syncopated Ladies is a Female Tap Dance Band created by critically acclaimed DC native tap dancer and choreographer, Chloe Arnold and features world renowned tap dancers Maud Arnold (Duke Ellington Alum), Sarah, Reich, Anissa Lee, Pamela Yasutake, Melissa Tannus, and Melinda Sullivan.

Chloe has since gone on to perform on stages around the globe (in 27 countries and over 35 states), worked with celebrated artists including Beyonce, and appeared on national TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars”, “America’s Got Talent” and “Boardwalk Empire.” Chloe formed Syncopated Ladies to create a platform for women to have a strong and impacting voice in the Art Form of Tap Dance.



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