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AlAN KET- Graff /Photographer



PROFESSION –  Artist, photographer, author, curator and marketer

BIO – Alan Ket is an artist, photographer, author, curator and marketer. Ket is an active graffiti artist, curator, and photographer. Most recently he was the curator for graffiti and street art related exhibitions at Fondation Cartier in Paris, PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, 55DSL in New York City, The Hip Hop Theatre Festival at New York University, and the MOCA in Los Angeles. Early in his career Ket launched Stress, a hip-hop magazine credited for breaking such artists as Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, Eminem, and Raekwon, among others. He spun Stress off into an internationally published Spanish language version of the magazine called Hip Hop Nation. In 2001, with Marc Ecko, he created the very successful men’s fashion magazine Complex.

Inside Graffiti featuring DG ONE & KET

Graffiti –

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Photography –

VB_0812_C1b_CAN_1 V7_FebMarch_BOBV5_USHER_Cover_printer.indd  V2_AprMay_Cvr_Jeezy V3_JuneJuly_Cvr_Erykah V3_JuneJuly_Cvr_NICKI V5_OctNov_DigtalCvr_Solja


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