PrisonServices is your number one source for all affordable services to those incarcerated and their families.

Welcome to PrisonServices, a division of LegalTech, Inc.  PrisonServices is your number one source for all affordable services to those incarcerated and their families.  As part of its social responsibility, the LegalTech Corporation committed itself to curbing the high rate of recidivism in America, and created PrisonServices, so you and your loved onces can maintain family ties.  Our focus is to give you dependability, great customer service and reliability.

Founded in the year 2012, LegalTech, Inc. has come a long way from its beginnings as a legal service.  Prison Service are personalized to suit your preferences.  We offer a wide variety of : Books, magazines, current and up-to-date mixed tapes,. and music for you to purchase from Google Play, Itunes, and/or Spotify. Again, tell us your requirements and we will tailor your order to meet your needs, whether it be cassette tapes or CDs.

Incarceration can create financial hardship, and become an obstacle to for families to stay together.  In recognizing the value to communication between prisoners and their families, we have created our  newest service-Send-A-Letter program.  All you have to do is type your letter, press send, and we will mail within hours.

We hope you enjoy our products and service as mush as we enjoy offering them to you.  if you have any questions or comments, please do no hesitate to contact us at

Send Music

We have access to the best magazine subscriptions.  Know the magazine, tell us, we will inform you of the best subscription price.  The magazines listed are only illustrative and not definitive of all the available magazines.


Do you provide transportation to prisons?  Are you looking to advertise your service?. Contact us at:

Prisonservices a division of the LegalTech Corporation

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