Diddy & DJ Khaled to be judges on an upcoming Hip-Hop show on FOX.

Diddy & DJ Khaled are deep in negotiations with Fox for a new talent competition show called “The Four.” While neither have officially signed on yet, sources told TMZ both are far along with the process.

TMZ reports that the show, “The Four,” will consist of 4 judges just as the title depicts. Diddy would serve as the mogul, DJ Khaled as the producer, and there’s two more spots available, one of which will be a songwriter, and the fourth judge will be a performer. At least one of the remaining two spots will be a woman they say as well, and rightfully so.

The focus of the show will be contemporary pop with an emphasis on hip-hop. It will be an ongoing battle, with new competitors trying to knock out the front-runners. In the end, the winner will get the entire judges panel behind them to launch their music career… a mogul, a producer, a songwriter, and someone to perform onstage with.


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