Bun B To Teach Free Online Religion & Hip-Hop Culture



This course explores Hip Hop culture’s religious dimensions through its musical language-rap music.

check the course link here


The UGK rapper is working with Professor Anthony Pinn and Houston’s prestigious Rice University to adapt their class on religion and hip-hop into a free online course.

The six-week course “explores hip-hop culture’s religious dimensions through its musical language – rap music”, with a look at the role of religion in rap and the religious sensibilities of various rappers. The course uses videos, readings, music, images, stories and “behind-the-scenes insider perspective”, which must come from Bun B himself.

“This course gave me the opportunity to let people see a side of hip-hop that isn’t always discussed,” Bun B added. “We’ve started a conversation that cannot end until people have a better understanding of who we are and what we do.”

It’s yet another string to the bow of the veteran rapper, who’s been spotted in a toothpaste and his very own coloring book in recent years.


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